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Design Ideas 

Residential - One bedroom flat

A couple of busy professionals requested a complete renovation/ reconfiguration of their space, where they can entertain friends and enjoy cooking and good wine. They wanted a well organised space of calmness and comfort with clean lines and enough storage for both.

Design proposal/ The creation of an intriguing and intimate space for the couple and their guests. Integrating open floor plan living space with earthy tones .

En-suite bathroom 

first attempt psd with vray rendering.png

One bedroom flat's  en-suite bathroom

Contractors pack : Includes an outline scope of works, plan and elevations, lighting plan, detail drawings and FF&E schedule.

Victorian House- One bedroom flat

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 13.08.06.png

One bedroom flat for a couple in their forties with a busy lifestyle. The couple has recently bought the property and they wish to redesign the space. They want a spacious living space so they can invite friends and specifically requested to have a bathroom with a window. 

Design Proposal / Creating a functional and comfortable space with modern lines and eclectic taste. Enhancing the couple's circadian rhythm with fresh air and natural light on their early morning awakening to promote their overall wellness.

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 19.05.00.png

patagonia- reception lobby

Designing the arrival space with co-working space for Patagonia's headquarters in London.

Design proposal / The Tree of Life : a reminder of our universal connection to Mother Earth and our dependence on her to grow and flourish. Patagonia aims to support and co-operate with grass root environmental groups in London and assist local communities tackling the most pressing environmental issues. The headquarters will host formal and informal meetings.

The Conduit business airbnb

Lounge vray psd.png

A co-living and co-working space for employees who are on remote or on site work schedules or teams who are working on intensive projects within their business. The space is designed to accommodate short term stays with interactive spaces to eat and socialise.

The project spans over twelve mews houses in Conduit mews /Central London.

Design proposal /A co-living community where the residents’ wellbeing is key so they achieve their optimal performance at work while staying at the Airbnb. The space should enhance the residents’ creativity and productivity by offering them hotel facilities with flexibility.

Private residency /The Conduit 

Bedroom close up vray psd.png

The private residency -  spacious and bright bedrooms with double bed and ensuite bathroom for the residents of the airbnb that provides independence and a luxurious feeling. The bedrooms that are facing the garden area have also access to large individual balconies while the front bedrooms have smaller bolt on balconies that can be enjoyed by the users.

Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 19.35.10.png

Bespoke furniture


The private residency -  bespoke storage space - wardrobe with bespoke bronze handle details and internal lighting.

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